#BanTheSpeedos Becomes a Reality

Eja Fromm
Co Editor In-Chief

Due to recent controversy, MVHS administration has stated that there will now be a strictly enforced dress code for water athletics. 

     The older generations of MVHS students have been complaining for years that there should be a dress code  for Mission Viejo High Schools athletic programs that compete in the pool. 

     A Facebook group had originated earlier this year called, “Dresscode Mission Swimmers.” Their bio states, “We are concerned parents about our children exploiting themselves and using the pool as an excuse to dress inappropriately.”

    This Facebook group spurred in response to the controversy circulating around parents feeling offended by the school’s mascot being “Pablo the Diablo.”

    Before MVHS boys and girls water polo games, a group of older individuals have been protesting the lack of coverage that the team suits provide. 

     An example of a message that could be read on one of the protestors signs read “Ban Speedos,” before the boys water polo game throughout their season. 

     The “DMS” group has been continuously protesting against swimsuits, and have been seen at several water polo games and swim meets chanting slogans such as “have respect for yourselves.” 

     Many students laugh about this because it is out of pocket. However, this protest has led to many parents questioning whether or not if their their children wearing swimsuits in a public high school is “appropriate.”

     After many protests and meetings, MVHS administration will now be enforcing students to wear wetsuits to practices and games starting next year.  

     Mission will be the only high school that will enforce this change. The new dress code states, “MVHS students will only be allowed to wear wetsuits in the pool.” 

     The athletes are furious with this news because wetsuits are uncomfortable and hard to put on. Junior swimmer Jack Harris mentioned, “A wetsuit will make me so much slower because I am so much less aerodynamic in it! Now my chances of getting a CIF qualifying time are ruined!”

     Unfortunately, there is not much the athletes can do in regards to protesting the new dress code rules. They will simply be given the option to quit or to oblige with this adjustment. 

     Swimmers and water polo players are simply outraged. The teams have already expressed their frustration regarding the tanlines that will result from this. 

    Many strongly believe it is ridiculous that the admin has obliged with parents’ complaints. Kai Smith expressed, “It is completely unacceptable that Mission has dress code rules for swimming now! We are practicing in the straight sunlight during the afternoon, and they somehow expect us to be okay with wearing a wetsuit.”

     Since this new change, other athletes have wondered what the future holds for their sport. Will girls volleyball wear leggings instead of spandex?; will track athletes wear loose clothing?; will cheer have to wear a full length uniform?

     Everything is up in the air amid the controversy. It is a huge disappointment for the athletes who have to endure this new adjustment. 

     Some are happy with the change, but many are angered. However, Missions administration stressed that this policy will be strictly enforced.


This is an April Fools’ article.


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