Disney Coming to MVHS

Rebekah Choi
Staff Writer

     Well our district has confirmed that a new Disney Channel movie starring Debby Ryan and Joe Jonas will be filmed at none other than Mission Viejo High School! The school will not be closing down due to filming, but many students will appear on screen as extra high school students and potentially be able to make a cameo on screen.

     In the early 2000’s, the most popular genre of movies for tweens and teens are probably those cringy Disney Channel movies that show the average life of a teenage student in their big highschool. Sometimes you wonder when it will ever happen to me? 

Producers have stated that they chose Mission Viejo High School due to its large open areas outdoors and especially because of its large size. The executive director agreed that out of all El Toro, Trabuco Hills, and Mission Viejo, our school was the best choice.

     The actors and actresses that will appear in the film will be Debby Ryan as Kacey the female lead, Joe Jonas as Brad the male lead, Demi Lovato as Zoe the quirky best friend, Kristen Stewart the Sam the weird emo girl, Hilary Duff as Emily the dumb blonde, and Tobey Mcguire as Mr. Fardin the English teacher. All actors and actresses agree, “I’m so excited to be able to relive my past and star in one of these again”.

     The classrooms used for filming will be filmed in the unoccupied buildings in the 800’s section where Tobey Mcguire will be featured as the wise English teacher that Debbie will go towards for advice. Although the classroom is not as close to where most of the students are at Mission Viejo High School, the directors agreed that most shots will be in the quad and near the theater.

     The producers and fans are concerned about the major problem of how they are going to make the stars look exactly like high schoolers again. They initially were going to only have them use the slang of 2020, and have them dress in VSCO girl clothing. Additionally they would have the guys wear beach shorts with a Ron Jon Surf Shop shirt and hat, but it wasn’t really working.

     Instead they decided to use the power of editing to make the actors and actresses look more youthful and exactly like they did when they first started acting on the Disney Channel. Not only will they remove their wrinkles, but they will “fix” Joe Jonas’ hair to recreate the iconic side swept saggy yet dead hairstyle that covers at least half of his right eye.  For the females, they will be  styled with short and choppy layered hair,low rise jeans with T-shirts that either quote how they feel or with rhinestone floral patterns.

     So far, that is all that is known about the new movie being recreated on our campus, but shooting will take place during the last week of school and end on October 27, 2022. With cameras  being set up around campus and mics probably above your heads soon, make sure to try and make an unforgettable appearance so that you can be the next main character on Disney Channel.


This is an April Fools’ article.


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