Sarah Quiroga
Staff Writer

     Mission Viejo High School: a place where students go to become leaders in their community and society. Mission Viejo High School’s mission statement is, “Mission Viejo High School develops students’ highest potential within a rigorous and relevant, standards-based instructional–” Sorry, but no thanks. 

     How many people actually get anything done during tutorial? What about the people who already finished all their work or the ones who could care less about any of their grades? 

     High school is meant to be celebrated and if these truly are our “golden years” it’s about time we treated it as such. Now let me tell you about a place you could go to during tutorial for a good time.

     ASB has been collaborating for the past 10 months regarding this and has finally come to the conclusion of hosting the party tutorial at room 420 by Mr.Ghirardelli. It will be available every Friday during tutorial and bringing friends is 100% encouraged. 

     Of course there will be a $10 entrance fee with a football player acting as the bouncer. Food and drinks will be readily available. A corner for karaoke will be provided with an assortment of games and activities alternating every week. Themes for the parties will change every month with the input of students’ opinions. 

     Other schools, including Trabuco and Laguna Hills,  have already implemented this kind of tutorial as well so it was just a matter of time before Mission agreed to do the same. 

     Sally Smith from Trabuco High School said, “Tutorial party is definitely a mood lifter for my week and helps to cope with all the tiresome work that school dumps on me.” 

     All of this is thanks to Mr. Ghirardelli who offered to host the tutorial party at a moment’s notice. Mission Viejo will now have a place for students to have an escape at none other than a classroom. 

     A word from Mr. Ghirardelli to all the students planning on coming to his tutorial, “I hope I can make your school life a little bit more enjoyable, so of course I jumped at the chance to host this. I look forward to seeing you there.”


This is an April Fools’ article