Mr. Zides Leaves MVHS to Appear on Dancing with the Stars

Jim Marsoobian
Opinion Editor

The hit show, Dancing with the Stars, is taking a new approach for the next season: it’s Dancing with the Stars: Education Celebration!

Credit: American Broadcasting Company

     Dancing with the Stars: Education Celebration! is the new, inclusive theme of the next season of the hit show. The show wanted to highlight the education superstars from across the nation, as a way to celebrate the hard work that they put into their jobs. Inspired by the hardships that education employees faced especially in the era of distance learning, Dancing with the Stars set out to find the most talented people in education to create a new form of the show.

     The show, which typically features duos of celebrities and professional dancers, will now feature duos of celebrities and teachers, administration, janitors, and principals. Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, Pitbull, Mr. Worldwide, Mr. 305, Rick Astley, and Michael Bublé’s cousin.

       And it was quite a surprise when Mr. Zides, Mission’s very own assistant principal, received his Dancing with the Stars letter in the mail. As it turns out, he has a very impressive background in dancing.

     At the age of 11, Zides was enrolled in JIF (not the peanut butter): the Junior International Flamenco Education. After becoming a master of flamenco by only age 15, he moved on to a form that was most passionate to him: break-dancing. Since then, he continues to dance every weekend at the Groovy Breakdance Club of Mission Viejo. But when the opportunity for him to compete in Dancing with the Stars: Education Celebration!, he couldn’t resist.

     Mr. Zides will be very missed when he leaves Mission Viejo High School at the end of the school year. But in the end, this is his chance to finally be himself. “I love this school. But there is something I’ve always been more passionate about: the art of break-dance,” he says.

     Dancing with the Stars: Education Celebration! will premiere September 2nd on ABC networks. A wide range of celebrities will be competing with their education worker counterparts, including Anderson Cooper, Adam Driver, Keanu Reeves, the winner of the last season of the Bachelor, and the winner of the second-to-last season of the Bachelor.

     Publicly released statements from some of the celebrities participating show that they encourage and support the idea of educational workers coming together to dance. A statement, released by the winner of the last season of the Bachelor, said “Even though my relationship is already over, I am excited to be working with these wonderful educational employees because diversity and inclusivity always comes first.” 

      “Woah,” said Keanu Reeves.

     Mr. Zides has already started to practice dancing with his celebrity dance partner: Sandra Bullock. She is known for her roles in Bird Box, The Blind Side, and the 1998 animated film, The Prince of Egypt. When asked about her experience so far, Sandra Bullock quotes, “Zides is one of the most talented dancers I have ever seen. I am honored to dance with him, and I am certain we will win.”

     The star-studded show is sure to be well-anticipated by students and faculty across the campus. A screening of Mr. Zides’ Dancing with the Stars: Education Celebration! will be shown in the gym as classes are paused for the special occasion to watch him dance to “Going the Distance” by Cake.

     At the end of the day, this is the time for Mr. Zides to dance his way to stardom. Though he will be missed, MVHS will always support his break-dancing dreams. 


This is an April Fools’ article.


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