MVHS pool is a Health Hazard

Samuel Romero Castanon
Staff Writer

It’s not only infested with winners

      Mission Viejo High Schools pool is well known to the swimmers and water polo players of Mission. However, after many tests, this well renowned pool has been reported as a health hazard. Athletes have been carelessly joking about the water carrying diseases, germs, and viruses without thinking it would actually be a reality.

      On March 25th, there was a report of a student on the swim team who was feeling nauseous during practice and developed a rash. Multiple incidents have been reported since, which has left an unsatisfactory aftertaste in the mouths of parents and athletes.

     Student-athlete, Arthur Hoarsear, had been trying to contact the admin for weeks but to no avail, “I don’t know why they aren’t responding. This is a very serious situation,” said Hoarsear in an interview with The Diablo Dispatch.

      According to Hoarsear, Admin has not been responding to his concerns although he and his team collectively believe this is a big deal. 

      Hoarsear has been concerned enough to express these feelings to the head coaches of the swim and water polo teams. “They should know that there is a possibility of their athletes getting seriously sick by whatever is lurking in the pool. ” 

      He had informed the head coaches about what was going on and they were frustrated as to why admin wasn’t checking in on the situation. “Yeah, it was kinda scary, they got like really, really mad,” said Hoarsear. 

      The coaches planned on confronting admin about what they were going to do. Instead of finding a solution they turned them away saying that they would send in someone to check the pool, according to the girls’ swim assistant coach, Miss Jen Attelli.

      In a recent interview, she did her best to inform The Dispatch what was going on.“They told us that they would send someone to check the pool but it’s been a week since they told us that and still, nobody has come in,” Attelli recalled, “I’ve even sent emails and tried calling them but they never respond.” More information that Attelli provided proved that the other coaches have had similar troubles as well.
        They got reports on April 1st of five players having the same symptoms that week and their parents were not at all happy about the unfortunate turn of events. 

       “I can’t believe the school isn’t doing anything,” says Mr. Chris Peadyk, Father of Pepper Peadyk who was hospitalized from exposure of an unidentified sickness, ”Now my daughter has gotten sick because of their lack of responsibility. I know it’s not the coaches fault but I do plan on having a word with their superiors for sitting on their hands on the matter.” Other guardians have also voiced their thoughts about the school not giving enough attention or concern to do anything for the water sports.

       The concerned parents and guardians of students participating in water sports went as far as making a Facebook group called “PAM”, short for Parents against Mission, to spread awareness about the pool crisis. “It’s about time that Admin does something to prevent more students from getting sick and making the situation even worse,” Peadyk stated.

       “PAM” Facebook group, will hold a campaign on the 30th of April at 11:00 A.M at the corner of La Paz Road and Christiana Drive to “finally hold Admin accountable for their lack of attention.”  


This is an April Fools’ article.


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