Prom is going to be the “Time of Our Lives”

Eja Fromm
Co Editor In-Chief

Multiple sources have confirmed that Pitbull will be performing at Mission Viejo High Schools Prom!

     The rumors have been circulating around for quite a while now. However, it is finally official that Pitbull will be performing at Mission’s upcoming promon May 14th, 2022!

     Many students had been complaining about how Winter Formal was held at school this year when other SVUSD schools hosted their dances at venues such as AV Irvine or Knotts Berry Farm.

     Unfortunately, because of Covid restrictions due to the mask mandate being lifted, school officials are expecting covid cases to spike even more. 

    Rumors have been circulating that masks may be required for this indoor dance which will  be held at the Ocean Institute, Dana Point. 

     To nobody’s surprise, this has caused a great deal of controversy among Mission students.  Some like the idea of staying safe for Prom while the majority despise the idea of masks coing back.

     Most students are tired of wearing them and want to experience Prom without a mask. This whole debate is still up in the air.

      Senior Kirra Jones exclaimed, “I literally cannot believe they’re even considering this! I feel like life will never be normal again!”

     On the other hand, junior Ben Biscotti claimed, “I feel more safe wearing my mask to keep myself and others from getting sick so I think it’s a good idea.”

     To accommodate the strong opinions that many students collectively feel towards this decision, ASB has organized the one and only Pitbull to make a celebrity appearance at MVHS!

     Mission has a very special connection as Pitbull’s niece attends the school as a freshman. She wished to remain anonymous, but fortunately she reached out to her uncle and he has agreed to perform for the Diablos!

     Pitbull will be performing hit songs such as “Time of Our Lives,” “Timber,”  “Fireball,” “Gasolina,” and more. 

     Students will not know about this news until the release of the paper. It is bound to be a very big surprise. 

     However, ticket prices are expected to increase to accommodate for setting up a whole stage and to pay for the backup dancers included in the performance. ASB has very big plans to make this the best Prom in Missions history. 

     Along with Pitbull, there will additionally be a professional DJ while he is not performing. The show is expected to begin towards the end of the dance so it’ll be a grand finale.

     ASB wants this Prom to be the most memorable one yet. Due to the backlash of the previous dance, they promised this one will blow away the rest. From the looks of it, so far it is. 

     Get ready, Diablos, for this memorable night! Believe it or not, Pitbull has been there, done that.


This is an April Fools’ article.


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