School Lockdown: Take 2

Sofia Araujo
Sports Editor

School lockdown……again… 

Credit: Shutterstock

     As spring rolls around it’s almost that time of year… lockdown time! According to various sources a new COVID-19 lockdown is in effect.  Starting May 1, a new lockdown will begin. Think of it like a few extra weeks of summer break.

     Now this lockdown will not be like the last. This one should only be a few extended weeks of spring break. This will be a full sanctioned quarantine meaning, no more homework or classwork. 

     Of course school work will be provided if you were to want to complete the assignments, but it’s not necessary. Zoom is working with schools to make sure this lockdown is the most virtual one yet! Tons of Zoom classes will be offered thanks to their help. 

     The smart thing to do right now is to drop everything and start stocking up on groceries. This new lockdown will mean that there will be a shortage of food in the markets so you better go take everything, and make sure to leave nothing for anybody else.

     Thinking about it now, the better option might just be to stock up on toilet paper rather than food. Who needs food if you have no toilet paper for afterwards; it’s pointless!

     This COVID lockdown will be completely different than the last because it actually will be only 2 weeks! Or maybe a month, or two, or they might just cancel the rest of the year and next school year… but regardless it’ll be different. 

     Sports will definitely be affected as all of the seasons will be cut short… If you’re on a sports team you are out of luck. This also unfortunately means that if you’re a junior or a senior hoping to get a scholarship for your sport of choice, there will be no scouting opportunities, as no games will be played at Mission Viejo High School. 

     Another extra-curricular that will be affected is drama. Since school will have no one on campus there will be no plays that can be put on at school. I mean they could put on a play virtually, but…

     Graduation for seniors is gonna be very disappointing too. The chairs will probably be so spread out on the field if they even decide to continue it. Maybe graduation will be canceled as well. The seniors will just have to do one more year of school to get to that graduation. 

     One senior student from MVHS says “There is no way I am going to repeat another year of school”. Another says “Repeating senior year is not something that anyone would want to do… so….”. Many people are not pleased with this second lockdown being put into place.

     However, there are also multiple families and students who are for this lockdown. Other than the fact it will be safer for everyone to be online, many people also like the idea of passing the classes that are just too hard. 

    Grades will not count for anything! This is such a great way to pass those classes you have been struggling with. Automatic A’s for everyone, but this is just until we get back in two weeks…

     A MVHS mom, who is pro lockdown, says “Going into lockdown is the best way for my daughter to pass the school year”. Well… it just might be. Clearly the lockdown has many positives for many parents, and their kids.

     Well, there are many positives and negatives to this new lockdown. But just disregard everything because it is still happening so enjoy in person school while it is here…


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