Kanye West Releases Diss Track On Pete Davidson

Madelynn Foulkrod
Staff Writer

Kanye West disses on Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, in his most recent hit “Eazy.”

Credit: 100 Entertainment, Inc.

      Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s rather publicized divorce has been massively resurfacing on mainstream media recently, especially after Kanye spat a threatening verse against Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend, in his hit single “Eazy.” While the song isn’t mainly centered on Davidson, the mention of him was enough to stir up some serious controversy. 

     To many, this wasn’t much of a shock, as Kanye West has maintained an “unhinged”  reputation ever since the early takeoff of his career. However, what was shocking to the public was the nature of Kanye’s lyrics, and more specifically, the recent music video that he dropped for the song.

   In Kanye’s “Eazy,” the verse he drops about Pete Davidson reads as, “God saved me from that crash,” Kanye continued, “Just so that I could beat Pete Davidson’s a**.” While many fans initially came to Kanye’s defense, as these lyrics could be interpreted as nothing more than a publicity stunt, others found it disturbing and worried for Pete Davidsons’ safety. 

     Already disturbed fans gradually became even more horrified when they witnessed Kanye West’s music video for “Eazy,” which featured a claymation kidnapping, burial, and beheading of a clay Pete Davidson, all acts performed by a clay Kanye West. 

   While Kanye West certainly has faced backlash for his portrayal of Pete Davidson, he remains loved and praised by several loyal fans who found the music video and lyrics entertaining, and unconcerning. 

    Despite Kanye West’s inappropriate actions, many sympathize with him, and claim that “He just wants his family back.” Whether or not this is true, Kim Kardashian herself has made several public statements condemning Kanye’s actions. 

  Most prominently, Kim Kardashian addressed Kanye West’s “Eazy,” music video in a recent People.com interview, allegedly stating that she thinks “It is way too violent.” Kardashian is said to also have stated, “I am really upset with Kanye, that he would do this.” She continues, “I’m completely over all of this, and I want it to stop.” 

   There are countless fans who are utterly concerned for both Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidsons’ well-being, and fear that Kanye West may do something similar to what he acted out in his “Eazy ” music video. 

    Many people have asserted that Kanye West is abusive, and believe that it is only a matter of time before he physically harms either Kim or Pete. However, on the other side of the drama’s spectrum, lots of people have pointed out the unfair demonization of Kanye West, specifically because he has bi-polar disorder. 

  While Kanye West’s actions are, undoubtedly, inexcusable, it is true that as someone who suffers with bi-polar disorder, Kanye will sometimes have manic episodes, such as the panicked posts he wrote on Instagram concerning he and Kim’s daughter on Instagram, and several other posts mentioning Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian. 

     Kanye’s portrayal of Pete Davidson in his music video could be, and is most likely, the result of an episode of mania that stemmed from Kanye’s anger from his divorce. Prior to current circumstances, Kim Kardashian has stated publicly, “As many of you know, Kanye has bipolar disorder.” She continued to ask fans for, “Compassion and empathy,” To help her and Kanye get through their lengthy, difficult split.

  So, despite Kanye’s controversial actions, his emotional turmoil is to be anticipated, considering his mental health and personal situation with Kim. It is now assumed that Kanye and Kim have reached a calm point in the midst of the “Eazy” controversy, as Kanye made a public instagram post apologizing for his actions. It is evident that the only solution left for Kanye West is to cope with what he has done, and to further better himself for his children and the sake of his future. 

     As for Kim Kardashian and Pete Davison, the two appear to still be together. Whether or not Kanye’s music video is meant to be interpreted as a genuine threat or not, it seems as though the situation has died down, and luckily, not resulted in any physical violence from Kanye West or Pete Davidson.


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