MVHS Boys’ Volleyball Made It To CIF

Sarah Quiroga
Staff  Writer

The collective efforts of the team are not refuted by an unsuccessful dive. 



     Mission Viejo boys’ volleyball team had a very successful season this school year leading them all the way to CIF. This year will make it the third consecutive advancement to CIF and another year added under the boys volleyball’s banner. The team made themselves known throughout their division as one of the top three through their joint efforts and earned themselves an impressive win streak jumping into the season. Their journey sadly ended early into CIF but their accomplishments up until that point were nonetheless exciting.


     Five consecutive wins for a strong start to the season, Mission’s boys volleyball team started their season with victory in mind. A final record of nine wins in the season calls for nine stories filled with bragging rights. 

     The stinging burn left on their palms and forearms, screams and shouts of excitement at a successful maneuver, and leaving the court as champions are surely memories that they will cherish thanks to their hard work. An especially impressionable night for the seniors for their win at Capistrano Valley High School, which allowed them to qualify for CIF on senior night.


     Hats off to the varsity players for making it to CIF: Jason Hatfield, Josh Aruya, Davis Howery, Jay Ramirez, Alexander Frost, Matthew Sellers, Johnny Strickler, Jake Horchover, Sean Smer, Caleb Ley, Michael Salgado, Jeremy Li, Justin Leonard, and Luke Morrissey. 


     These boys’ volleyball season was unfortunately cut off at CIF but that does not make any of their previous feats any less praiseworthy. “It was a little disappointing at the end, but despite that I think the majority of the season went well, especially with so many guys coming back next year,” Jason Hatfield commented. 

     A hopeful glimpse towards the future of more exciting volleyball games to come. Therefore there is no need to feel bad, but rather be excited for next year and show some support to the team by going to their games and showing off that school spirit for our boys’ volleyball games! 


     Congratulations to MVHS boys’ volleyball team for making it to CIF!


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