Students for the Right to Choose

Jason Hatfield
Entertainment Editor

     On May 13th, 2022, a group of roughly 40 high school students in the Saddleback Valley unified school district (particularly Mission Viejo High School and Laguna Hills High School) met on the corner of La Paz and Chrisanta, a corner known for its protests.

     But this group differed greatly in perspective and makeup than the previous protestors.

     Its common to see older, retired folk gather in protest against the practice of abortion in that same corner, and its easy to see why. Freetime is plentiful for this demographic, leading for this corner to be occupied by an older generation more often than not.

     But this group differed greatly from the usual attendees to a younger group of high school students standing up against the right that is being taken from them.

     Many people question the validity of the argument for abortion, but the effect of an abortion ban is far more consequential than many give it credit for. Take the increased amount of illegal abortion, a greater likelihood for pregnancy related deaths, a burden for rape victims, and all around limiting the right to choose for women.

     The posters bring up notbale points and consequences of the abortion ban. One states, “I won’t get an abortion if you pay for my fetus’ college tuition,” another mentions “an abortion ban only stops legal abortions,” and one simply says, “Gilead?” harkening back to the dystopian society created by Margeret Atwood in the novel “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

     The consequences of an abortion ban are clear to most at the protest, but not to all.

     An older woman questioned the protestors by saying “Why do you guys want to be killing the babies?” as to justify the ban on abortion, but was quickly shied away by the overwhelming amount of protestors (and evidence) that proved her unable to back her point.

     Another more adamant man decided to try his hand at convincing the protestors that surely he was on their side, but lacked a well thought out explanation. “I’m pro choice, too,” he claimed, “but I believe the baby should have the right to choose as well.” One might suggest that he ask the fetus himself and maybe one day he’ll become the fetus whisperer. 

     For the most part, the responses were positive. Honks from passing by cars accompanied by waves and ear-to-ear grins encouraged the protestors to continue their work for a better future. 

     Really, that’s what it’s all about, the future that the next generation will have. A future of safe healthcare, relief for rape victims, and control over ones’ own body or a future of restricted freedoms, illegal operations, and unwanted children burdening families. 


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