The Cast of “Shrek: The Musical” Really Ogre-achieved On This One

Candace Ducusin
Staff Writer

     Mission Viejo High School’s Drama program recently ended their Spring production for this year, Shrek, on May 7th. The production began April 28, sporting an amazing cast and group of characters. 

    The opening scene was hilarious, we’re introduced to the main character, Shrek, who is getting kicked out by his parents. The play followed the story of the main character Shrek, played by Caleb Smith, on an adventure to try to keep his swamp. The fairytale characters were kicked out from the Kingdom of Far Far Away by Lord Farquaad and were sent to Shrek’s piece of land. The characters believe that Shrek, who was a “big, scary ogre, “ could save them. 

     Later on in the play Shrek meets Donkey, played out by Brooke Metoyer, who accompanied him on his adventure. Donkey ensures Shrek that he would be helpful to find destinations and convinces him to bring him along.

      As the two finally make it into the kingdom they meet Lord Farquaad, played by Adam Cox, who agrees to move out the fairytale characters if they complete a task: to rescue and send Princess Fiona to Farquaad’s kingdom for marriage with the Lord. The party agrees and heads off to save the princess.

     During this adventure, Donkey and Shrek create a strong bond between each other as they cross a bridge to a tower the princess is trapped in. 

     The tower is guarded by a dragon, played by Annabelle Shumaker, who keeps all the knights who failed to save the princess. This scene featured amazing vocals and lighting effects, and the scenery matched with what was happening on stage. Donkey, who was left alone, had to create a relationship with the dragon in order to distract her and try to escape.

     Against all odds this worked and the scene switches to Shrek meeting Fiona, played by Anna Mut. Leaving the tower, Fiona finds out Shrek is an ogre and rushes to find somewhere to sleep as the sunset comes down. 

     The next day, the group bonds and both Shrek and Fiona fall in love. Fiona tells Donkey that she believes Shrek cannot love her since she is cursed and becomes an ogre everytime the sun sets. Shrek overhears this and thinks that Fiona does not like him for being ugly. Both have a huge misunderstanding and Fiona goes into the kingdom, meeting Lord Farquuad. 

     Fiona and Farquuad planned on getting married before sunset. Donkey and Shrek also get into an argument, and Shrek then realizes the misunderstanding between the two, so he goes to bomb the wedding. He gets made fun of until the fairytale characters come into the wedding and argue with Lord Farquuad to let them back into the kingdom. It is then revealed that he was half fairytale character and his hatred for these fairytale people was internalized.   

     In the end, Shrek kisses Fiona and she becomes an ogre, her true form. 

     The play was amazing, all the songs were sung beautifully, and the actors really fit into characters. Great job Drama!


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