Bring Back Water Fountains

Jason Hatfield
Entertainment Editor

    Life at Mission Viejo High School is not too bad for the most part. Sure, the American education system has its fair share of problems that run deep and are ingrained in our way of life as students, but there’s nothing outright wrong with Mission specifically.

     But one problem that I and many other students at Mission Viejo High School have identified was the lack of access to a vital resource for human existence: water.

     This may sound bold, but I like water. Love it in fact. So when I saw the slow devolving of the school’s campus into a barren desert void of water sources, I couldn’t help but feel the crushing pressure of the desiccated winds tumbling to me as though another dust bowl was on the horizon.

     Now I’m no hydroflask wielding sorcerer of the water pouring station, so I cannot speak for these marvels in modern engineering that the school felt was superior to install, but as an average water-bottleless serf, I have found Mission to be near inhospitable. Where have the days of plentiful water fountains sprinkled throughout the school gone?

     Water is great, but it shouldn’t be a delicacy only enjoyed by the Contigo conquestiadors. I for one, cannot stand here and let my way of life be ripped from me.

     There are a couple of exceptions to the waterfountain drought at Mission. The gym, outside the locker room at the front of the school, and that one water fountain behind the portables are all places where this classical pracitce still thrives. Also the water fountain in the library, which might be the fountain of youth because that gem is purely delectable, is still in full swing still to this day.

     But like CD players and pagers, the water fountains still feel like they’re on their last stand. But unlike the previously mentioned inventions, there is no better replacement for the much-beloved water fountain.

     Now I will address the real reason why the water fountains were replaced with these abhorrent, excuses for water fountains. It was Covid 19, and for that reason I totally support the decision.

     But I still don’t think we should forget about these scholars’ parched lips just yet. As soon as we as a school become comfortable with these restraints of having no water fountians, we will become comfortable with mediocrity in not just our sipping habits; we will be complacent in our study habits as well.

     Now let this be known: if the Corona Virus is still raging in full force, please do not use water fountains if that will spread the virus more. But in our current state, the school needs to think about bringing the much-beloved water fountains back, just like Burger King brought back the Chicken Fries. 

     Now which water fountains should the school bring back? Elkay, always Elkay. My personal favorite is the LZSTLG8WSLK, but I personally think the price per performance of the LZSTL8SC is unmatched.


     Vive les fontaines à eau!!!


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