Girls Softball Are CIF Champions!

Sofia Araujo
Staff Writer

      12 time league winners have gone on once again to take their 13th league title…

     Diablo Girls Softball took their 13th league title, continuing their two year long win streak. The varsity team scored a total of 39 runs this season, over the span of 6 league games.

     Diablo Girls Softball won CIF Southern Section this year and will be going on to play in states. On Friday, May 20th, the Diablos took the field and won the 2022 CIF-SS championship against Milikan. 

     Everyone was on the edge of their seats as this win would be the third time they have taken the title. Starting off the match, Sofia Elliot scored one run during the start of the 2 run inning. The girls were already ahead in the game during the first inning, racking up 2 runs and 2 hits. 

     Both teams were strong in the pitcher’s circle on Friday, but Mission Viejo Varsity Diablos defeated Millikan 2-1. Allowing only 3 hits, Sofia Elliot was the winning pitcher that night. Elliot also struck out 10 batters, and allowed only 1 run. 

     Shayna Glass, Brooke Finneran, and Sofia Elliot each managed 1 hit to lead the Diablos to victory. 

     Sitting there watching the game you could feel the stress of the final inning. The Diablos were up by two until a run was scored by Milikan. With questionable umpire calls and errors on the field there was a lot of tension as the final batter walked up. 

     The final inning was definitely a stressful one, with 2 runners on and a count of 3 balls and 2 strikes, the game was finally ended with a strikeout by Elliot. There was lots of celebration as the Diablos ran onto the field and dog piled on top of each other. It was definitely a night to remember. 

     For the third time ever the Diablos took the CIF-SS Division 2 title. And for the first time ever they will be going on to play in States this year.  

     The team is coached by Clint Watson, who has coached softball at Mission Viejo High School for four years now. The team is assisted by Chase Dietrich, who formerly coached the JV team and has moved up to coach varsity this year. This is also his fourth year coaching at mission. 

     The varsity team consists of 19 girls, 5 of which are seniors this year. Those seniors being: Aliyah Gonzalez, Lily Troiano, Shayna Glass, Sammi Woods, and Sarah Araujo. 

     Lily Troiano  #10, is a first year varsity player and has played softball at MVHS for 3 years, she started her softball career her freshman year and was made JV team captain when she was a sophomore. She plays outfield and 3rd base. She will be going to Saddleback  College next fall to continue her academic and softball career there. 

     Aliyah Gonzalez #12, is a two year varsity player and has played softball for 4 years here at Mission. She has played 1st base all four years and this year goes out to play as the starting first baseman on varsity. She will also be attending CSU Fullerton to further her education, and expand her knowledge of zoology.

     Sarah Araujo #15, has been playing on varsity for 3 years and has played Diablo softball for 4 years. She started on JV as a pitcher and was partially moved up to varsity her sophomore year. She played on both teams. On varsity she played 2nd base and outfield. She, along with 2 other girls are the varsity captains this year. This year as she goes out on the field she can be seen in right field. She will be attending Saddleback college in the fall to study sports medicine and play softball. When she finishes college, Sarah wants to be an occupational therapist and help injured players get better and reach their full potential. 

     Shayna Glass #8, has played on varsity for her whole high school softball career. She has played right field on varsity up until her junior year, where she shifted over to be centerfielder. Shayna is also one of the varsity captains. As the Diablos take the field, Glass can be seen taking the starting position of centerfield. In the fall she will be attending the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga to play D1 softball and further her academic career. She will be majoring in Communications and Sports Broadcasting. When her college career comes to an end she wants to be a sideline reporter and cover NFL, NHL, and MLB games.

    Samantha Woods #26, has also played on varsity all 4 years of her high  school career. She has played second and shortstop for the team. Sammi along with Shay and Sarah are the three varsity captains for the 21-2022 softball season. She can be seen playing as the starting shortstop when the Diablos take the field. When the 22-2023 school year begins, she will be attending the University of Maryland to play softball and further her academics. While she is still unsure of what she wants to do in college, she is excited for all the opportunities that she will have. 

     While the Mission seniors have done a tremendous amount of work in making the team what they are today, there are also many other players on varsity who have made a standout appearance. Those players being: Kara King, Hailey Stammer, Hailey Gald, Ava Tabangcura, Brooke Finneran, Sydney Denser, Reece Uehara, Dakota Marsee, Alexis Garcia, Sienna Cline, Sierra Linares, Cadence Neale and Sofia Elliot.

     Sofia Elliot #7, is a 2022 sophomore on the Diablo varsity team and is the teams’ starting pitcher. She has pitched a total of 35 strikeouts in league and has also hit 16 home runs this year. Elliot was the winning pitcher this season and was a massive contributor to the Diablos’ wins this year.

     Reece Uehara #77, is a freshman this year and has done an amazing job at pitching. She worked hard and was very influential in the Diablos’ wins this season. 

     Not only was the team very talented, it was also the team’s energy that brought them to victory. Never was there a quiet moment in the dugout, the girls were 

always cheering and lifting up their players and friends. 


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