The ‘She-Hulk’ Tidal Wave

With ‘She-Hulk’s debut, everybody is raring to know: what makes it so special?

     With the release of ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law,’ fans have gone absolutely crazy; though, the critics certainly didn’t hesitate either.

    With an explosion of media cover, the newest installment in the Avengers universe has shocked outlets like Twitter and Instagram.

     The show, based off a comic in 1980 by Stan Lee dubbed  “The Savage She-Hulk” No. 1, is being considered controversial.

     Many fans feel that She-Hulk didn’t deserve as much of an adaptation as other characters, and that Hulk didn’t need a female version at all.

    Fans argue on the contrary, however. 

    In ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law,’ Jennifer Walters is a struggling lawyer with family ties with Bruce Banner; The Hulk.

     In a strange car accident, she’s exposed to the same DNA that turned Bruce Banner green, and like him, she took up the moniker of being a Hulk.

     Now, she struggles to face the world in new – green – skin. There’s a running theme of Jennifer hating the nickname She-Hulk, being used by men who like the Hulk more than Jennifer Walters, and generally being unlucky.

     She struggles with coming to terms with the fact that her entire life has been uprooted, and she tries to retain control by continuing with her job as an attorney. However, being prone to suddenly bursting into Hulk form gets her fired as quickly as she was hired.

    And then, with the unwanted publicity, she’s picked up and hired by a superhuman law division. She represents magical clients, superpowered individuals, even realm-warping magicians.

     It’s quickly becoming insanely popular. Many fans can relate to the fact that she struggles in her own skin, feeling like an impostor; even hating herself for her new body. 

      However, that’s not all true. Female empowerment is a massive part of every episode, even featuring She-Hulk dancing with Megan Thee Stallion; a massive advocate for feminism in the rap music industry.

      She reels with loving herself and being ashamed of herself in the same instance. Subtly, a danger lurks beneath the surface; in multiple episodes, strange men have been attempting to subdue and kidnap her without a single clue into their intentions. 

     ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ is an entirely new spin on the Marvel franchise. In almost no other series has a genderbent version of an extremely popular hero been selected as a main character and hyped to the extreme.
     ‘She-Hulk’ could easily be written off as another ‘woke’ show, but it’s much deeper than that. The confidence and vulnerability that Jennifer Walters shows as she grows is beautiful, it paints a picture of beauty and failure that can be combined into an incredibly entertaining piece of media
Though, while it has many upsides, it has a few downsides.

     Firstly, the plot is very sporadic. Little ties in with each other, and it feels like some episodes merely exist as a crossover between characters.

     Secondly, Jennifer breaks the fourth wall. While normally this could be charming, it’s sometimes done at inappropriate moments that can really bring you out of the fantasy.

     All in all, She-Hulk was a wonderful watch. A fair four of five stars seems appropriate; it’s witty and charming, but sometimes, it really doesn’t know when to stop with the wit.


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