The Start of New Age Elections

With the world changing and turning, controversies have bloomed...

     New representatives all over America are preparing for a new election. States like Florida, Georgia, and Ohio are changing with the times, with new issues.

     Issues, just like inflation. Inflation means that the cost of everything on the market is only rising,  but what does that mean for you?

     Well, it means that if you’re sixteen, your parents will have to save a lot more money to buy you a car; perhaps they won’t be able to buy you a car at all.

     And especially, going to college will become more expensive. If you take out student loans to go to college, the interest rates will rise until you have to pay an exponential amount of money.

     Even local sports games, like baseball or football, will become a lot less frequent.

     So who’s running for the elections? Who’s taking charge and solving this problem?

    For Ohio, it looks like most of the officials running are Republican. 

     In Georgia, Republican candidate Brian Kemp is  facing Democrat Stacey Abrams . Katherine Taylor is running for government. Out of these three, Brian Kemp is the only one who trumped the rest.


     Regarding the Republican Party of California, thirteen candidates running for governor were eliminated in the primary. Brian Dahle, the state senator, advanced to general.

     There’s news for the Democratic Party of California; four candidates were eliminated in the primary. Gavin Newsom, the previous governor, is running for reelection. 

     Every four years, there will be a new election for presidency. This is the exact same for governors, but what exactly do governors do?

     Governors implement laws and oversee the state executive branch. Governors must be at least thirty-five, and have lived in the state for at least seven years.

     In Florida, new voting laws were just recently signed into law. SB 524 creates a new special police task force for enforcing barriers to voting. It imposes new fines and restrictions on Third Party Voter Registration Organizations, burdening the organizations and making it more difficult to register to vote. it places more barriers to dropbox voting and voting by mail. 

        There simply isn’t enough to go off on these new candidates’ plans, though. We’ll have to wait for the eighth of November for that, because that’s when everything will be set into motion. Though, like I have, we can certainly guess.

    With pressing issues like inflation, I can only hope that these elections will bring hope to us after all. Which party do you think will win?


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