Homecoming Goes to Infinity and Beyond

Mission Viejo High’s first dance of the year, homecoming, took place on October 22nd. Homecoming was chock-full of many delightful, remarkable moments. Even though some happy accidents took place throughout the night, the dance wound up being a great success.

     Mission Viejo High’s long-awaited Homecoming dance finally took place on October 22nd. As 7:00pm drew closer, a long line emerged from Mission’s campus. The line was full of psyched students, dressed to their very best from head to toe. After some anticipation and waiting, crowds of excited attendees began to be guided into the area set for Homecoming. The dance’s theme was Toy Story; With decorations reminiscent of the Pixar Film spread around the school. There were several alluring activities available at Homecoming, such as the dance floor, ride, and the tire swings –But the real star of the show had to be the entertainment center. 

     In this entertainment center were two foosball tables and an air hockey station, along with many other fun activities. The caricature station was another popular attraction, but for those who weren’t willing to wait in the line, several arcade machines were available to play. Games like pacman and galaga were the most popular, but other games were available as well. Last but not least, there was a claw machine with several winnable prizes inside. Unfortunately though, the machine’s glass was quite easily pried into. Prizes inside the machine included rubix cubes, rubber ducks, and other memorable trinkets. Notably, some students recall the balls used for the foosball tables going missing throughout the night. 

     Outside of the entertainment center was the main area of the dance, including the dance floor, a carnival ride, and the tire swings for people to sit on and sway on. Although the carnival ride was a major attraction for the dance, it broke down on and off again during the night. While most people decided to give up on waiting for the ride, some were lucky enough to get on. The ride worked for a little while at the beginning of the dance, but then broke down for a majority of the time. The ride did eventually start back up near the end of homecoming, though. As for the dance floor, there weren’t many people who chose to dance, but there still seemed to be a plethora of people spread across the zone. Platform cubes were placed across the floor for students to stand up on and dance on. 

The DJ chosen for Mission’s homecoming dance might not have been particularly memorable, but still played a few catchy songs. Some songs include LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”, “Fergalicious” by Fergie, and other similar party bangers. Admittedly, there was some moshing that took place on the dance floor, but overall it seemed that most students were not particularly interested in dancing.

Homecoming certainly had many bumps in the road, but it was still a memorable experience for many of the students who attended. The night went very well for Mission Viejo High, with no reported injuries from anybody, or any personal interference from Mr. Zides himself.


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