Local Midterms: Why voting is important and who was elected

     Your voice matters! If you can vote, you should. You may think that your one vote won’t matter, but that could not be further from the truth. In the 2022 midterms, about two thirds of eligible voters came out. If you and everyone you know come forward and vote, even if you don’t think you will matter, it will. Every little voice matters, and our generation will shape the future of our nation! Before you vote, it is your responsibility as an American to educate yourself on what you’re voting for. Don’t just vote for someone because your parents did, or all your friends are.
     It is also your responsibility to read the bills being proposed, know what this could change, and decide if you think that will be beneficial or maybe even detrimental. It is especially important to vote for your local midterms because those are the ones that will affect you and your community most. As Americans, it is our responsibility to vote so we can and set up future generations of Americans.

Patricia “Trish” Kelley: She has been serving Mission Viejo for 20 years and was mayor in 2005, 2008, 2010, 2014, and 2021. Kelly believes the most essential concerns are quality of life, public safety, economic development, and transportation. With these in mind, she works hard to maintain and better our community.

Brian Goodell: He attended Linda Vista Elementary, La Paz Intermediate, and Mission Viejo High
School. He was one of the original Mission Viejo Nadadores and was the first person from Mission Viejo to win an Olympic gold medal. He was able to apply the work habits he learned through sports to his career in real estate. Goodell is the city’s representative to Orange County transportation authority H is a member of the city’s economic development team. He also served as commissioner of the community services commission from 2015-2016.

Robert “Bob” Ruesch: Mission Viejo Planning commissioner-Was Mission Viejo community services commission chairman. His goals include preserving the mission Viejo lifestyle, keeping our budget balanced, working with police on crime reduction and community safety, stopping traffic from increasing in high-density housing, supporting local businesses, and bringing back clean water to Lake Mission Viejo and bringing back fishing.

Wendy Bucknam: Wendy has been very involved in the community and volunteering to better Mission Viejo. She helped to increase the number of school resource officers, renovated recreation centers, provided purified water to the Mission Viejo Lake,assisted new businesses and the cancer institute at Mission Hospital, and provided housing for working families and seniors. Wendy truly cares about the community and has plans to make Mission Viejo even better.

Cynthia Vasquez: She knows the importance of wise spending and the responsibility that comes with our city’s budget. Her Goals are to keep our community safe, ensure taxes are used for our benefit, engage with the community and get their ideas, and ensure our views are respected and addressed. She believes we all must work together to make Mission Viejo a place where everyone can live a safe and prosperous life.


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Tanya Cramer
Tanya Cramer
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