Circle Waffle Supremacy

Why have a square waffle when you could have a circle one?

    Running late to school?… grab a waffle. To make an Eggo waffle all you need is a microwave or a toaster. The Eggo is an amazing waffle that comes in a variety of packs to fulfill every flavor craving you might have. Eggos are not the only example of circle waffles, to many people’s surprise, Belgian waffles come in circles as well, and taste better too.

     Eggos do not only have to be informal; they can also be the opposite. For example, you can serve waffles that have layers of syrup, fruits, and butter stacked upon them. The brilliant Eggos also have both vegan and gluten-free waffles. These are very important alternatives because it makes them accessible to an array of people to also enjoy the delight of circle waffles. 

     Circle waffles don’t have to come in the form of Eggos but rather Belgian waffles as well. Although the majority of the time they come in awkward squares, they are still possible to enjoy as outstanding circles waffle.

     Everyone who argues for square waffles always mentions that they are “easier to cut,” but this is simply not true. Both square and circle waffles have squares and lines going through the waffle. This permits both square and circle waffles to be cut in similar fashion. 

     Another argument that Squarists advocate is that square waffles are larger than circle waffles. Once again, this is not true. If you take a look at the most common recipe for each type of waffle it is clear that approximately there is more Eggo batter per Eggo compared to its counterpart: the square Belgian waffle. 

      In fact, the phenomenal circle shaped waffle can contribute to new and amazing creations– the pancake waffle. The pancake waffle is a groundbreaking new breakfast item. The combines both a pancake and a waffle by stacking them starting with a waffle on the bottom and one on top as well. Square waffles would look odd in the masterpiece of the pancake waffle. This is why it is traditionally served with circle waffles, making the whole dish ultimately better. 

     There are other recipes including circle waffles like fried chicken with waffles. This meal is amazing because it mixes the tastiest food item with a really important meal. This item is served during both lunch and dinner. It is served in a similar fashion to a taco; the fried chicken is inside a circular outside: once again, the circle waffle.                                           

      Round waffles can help have a less chaotic morning. After warming up your Eggo, you place it on a dish that is also circular because plates tend to round as well. Imagine that the waffle was square, and the disaster that would be caused when cutting the waffle. The whole plate could fall over, ruin your morning and maybe even your whole entire day. 

     If you have enough time, you might make waffles using a waffle maker. Trends show that waffle makers create stunning circle waffles. When making your very own waffle people often go for the Belgian waffle recipe. These waffles have a deeper divot which can improve with the presentation of a waffle– more syrup can be held on the waffle. 

     In conclusion, circle waffles are much better than square waffles in every possible way.          



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