English is Not Red

No, just no.

  To everyone who says that English is the color red… you are wrong. How can English possibly be red when it is clearly green? Red obviously belongs to math.

     Scientific research from Brown University explains how colors can change your perspective on a topic. For example, red is associated with both love and anger. This ideology aligns with math because math can be both super easy and fun or the opposite. On the other hand, green represents peace, logical and conceptual elements. This is parallel to English because to do anything you first have to calmly read through the prompt and attempt to conceptually understand what to do. Afterward, using logic, you construct your essay. This even applies to reading; when reading logic is used to understand what the author is attempting to convey. 

     Yes, the argument that English can also cause love and anger is applicable. The difference is math is more constant in making people both happy and upset at the same time; English is always either you hate it or you love it. Also, math is commonly labeled as a difficult subject so it is labeled red. 

     Princeton export scolars also agree that English is a cooler color and blue is automatically eliminated because it belongs to science. This leaves both Green and Purple. Purple is associated with royalty which does not make any sense in the context of a subject. 

     The luxury of setting English as green is an improvement to overall English learning. Scientific research done in Harvard has recently discovered that frequent patterns can allow for a more focused and amazing state of mind. So, establishing this fact allows for better grades in all your subjects if you set them to their preferred colors. 

     The subject English is required to do all four years of high school while math is not. The outcome of English being green is creating a calm and more appealing atmosphere so that requirement feels more bearable. Many people truly enjoy math so they continue all throughout high school, but the red warns people what they are getting themselves into. 

     Many may call this argument “pointless” or “unnecessary.” But if this vital message is not made more known this can leave people in the dark about a very important topic to be educated in. When people don’t know the true color of English they may miscolor English which can cause the associated feeling to come with the subject. For example if English was orange (orange is associated with energy) people would not want to sit quietly for a class period to write essays but rather want to debate a topic or maybe just talk in general. 

     In conclusion, English is green and should remain green in all situations. And in no circumstance should math and English subject colors be switched because it may worsen your learning in those classes.


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