Mission is banning phone usage permanently!

Shocking discoveries have resulted in a permanent ban on your personal devices.

Next month, Mission Viejo High School will implement signal jammers across the school.

     There have been a number of issues regarding technology in our school; many staff report frustrations with computers shorting out seemingly at random, as well as their lights and printers.

     Personal technology, mainly our phones, have been found as the leading cause of these malfunctions and shortages. 

     These jammers will do little else than disable your handheld devices during school hours. But the jammers aren’t the only way we’re stopping devices.

    Supervisors around the school will be equipped with electrical tracking devices. These devices will be able to detect working phones in a mile radius by searching for signals pinging out of our school; and they´re almost 100% effective!

    Additionally, our supervisors will now be renamed to ¨Signal Security Guards.¨

    So, what does this mean for us? Well, it means that paying attention in class is going to be much easier without the distraction of our iphones.

     Also, we´ll experience much less issues with our chromebooks; they´ll work much better without breaking from our school supporting so many devices at once.

     ¨I don’t know how to go on with my day without my little Jemily texting me!” reports the mother of a fellow student. 

     So, what are we going to do without our phones? How are we going to contact our parents?

     Mission has a great plan! Starting next month, along with the ban, we´re beginning a mailing service. Need to contact your parent or guardian? Just write a letter, stamp it, and your parents will get your message the next day. Perfect!

    While you may think this is a little sudden, it’s actually been a work in progress as early as last year. Mission takes tech issues very seriously, and their solution is absolutely brilliant.

    Of course, some students have feedback. Some issues, the staff reports, have been brought up; like, ¨How am I supposed to contact the school if my friend is breaking our new phone rules?¨

    It’s simple! Fill out a ¨Signal Security¨ form located at the front office, and that student will be checked for unauthorized technology.

    This check is entirely uninvasive. A Signal Security officer will simply check you out with their device, and if a cellphone is found, it will be confiscated.

     Mission is entering a completely phone-free era of education, but they aren’t the only ones advocating for this change.

     A group of students will be starting a new club! While it lacks a name just yet, students will be able to discuss this new change and celebrate a phone-free school life. You´ll be able to brainstorm new games to play without the usage of iphones.

     In conclusion, this short meeting with our school has unveiled a ton of information. What will you do without your phone? What are you excited for? Feel free to visit the club and let us all know!

    With this change, we´re hoping to see less technology issues regarding our teachers, chromebooks, and other online learning services.


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