This Year’s Prom Revealed to be Held At Family Restaurant Chuck E Cheese

     It has been revealed that prom will be held at Chuck E Cheese, a place fun for the whole family and now MVHS’ junior and senior class. 

     This decision was  perfect in the eyes of those involved, combining nostalgia and fun all into one disease-infested family restaurant. “Our goal this year was to pick a location that made students think of childhood. Picking Chuck E Cheese was the perfect choice because it was a place where we would go a lot as kids, crying over prizes and how scary Chuck E looks.” one prom organizer explains.

     Using this location on Moulton Pkwy in Laguna Hills, California was cheap to rent out, the cost only being $50. It also saved money through catering, with the food usually offered at the pizza parlor being still available. Students attending will get to choose from some of the finest cuisine Chuck E Cheese has to offer, getting a single slice of pizza, a kids cup, and two unicorn churros.

     The committee faced complaints from families wanting to go to Chuck E Cheese that night, one mom being furious as her daughter’s birthday falls on the same day of the prom. After discussing the possible solutions to this problem and hearing numerous children cry, the committee and parents came up with a solution to share the pizzeria for that day. Now, the night will not only celebrate the four years MVHS students have endured, but also little Kaitlyn’s eighth birthday.

     Due to recent complaints from parents regarding song choices from previous dances, all songs containing any remotely explicit connotations are banned, and only music sung by the hit kids pop group Kidz Bop will be played.

     Now, students will be able to listen to their favorite hits free of vulgar language, dancing the night away to the catchy covers of your favorite songs sung by the angelic voices of tweens. Some students have already requested their favorite Kidz Bop tunes for Prom night, current popular requests being “Dance Monkey”, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, and “Gangnam Style”. 

     Students have shown mixed reactions in the revelation of this policy. Kenny Johnson, a senior at MVHS, is very excited to hear his favorite group at his senior prom. ”I’m so pumped for Little Richard to sing ‘Cha Cha Slide’ and to give Chuck E Cheese a big warm hug!”

     Despite the location’s employees having assigned shifts on the night of the prom, people working at Chuck E Cheese have refused to work during the Prom hours, calling the situation  “their own personal hell”. ASB is currently looking for volunteers to work the prom night hours, preferably those who have a background in game services and child entertainment. 

     Currently, Mr. Zides has been rumored to be the night’s Chuck E, but wearers of the other mascots have yet to be revealed.

     During the night of the prom, students will have the opportunity to take pictures with Chuck E Cheese mascots and dance to their heart’s content out on the light up floor, with Chuck E (or Mr. Zides) himself as the night’s dj. Animatronics will also be available to dance with for any students looking for a special dance partner.

     The prom committee has also decided to take a new approach to the traditional crowning of the prom court, integrating the family restaurant into the tradition by determining prom king and queen through a game of skee ball. One prom court contender, Paul Smith, showed thrill in the decision, stating, “I’m going to get that dub.”

     This will surely be an entertaining sight, greatly more interesting than any basic crowning ceremony. If the prom king and queen do not want to dance together, animatronics will still be on the market.

     By just looking at what the prom committee has in store, it is clear that MVHS’ 2023 prom is going to be a memorable experience. Some students are already showing excitement, one student so much so that they had to question whether or not it was real. “Are they joking?”


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